James P. McAndrew, "Jimmy", has 35 years of outdoor advertising experience.  He has worked successfully in every function found in a billboard plant.  During his career, as an executive he has represented O'Mealia Outdoor Advertising, 3M National, Patrick Outdoor Advertising, The Institute of Outdoor Advertising, Criterion Outdoor Advertising and Rollins Outdoor Advertising.


In 1987, Matthew Outdoor Advertising, named for his son Matthew, was organized.  As founder, owner and operator, McAndrew began his outdoor advertising company using 35 credit cards as his capital.  Matthew Outdoor commenced operations in Watertown, New York.  Shortly, thereafter, Matthew Outdoor expanded into metropolitan New York City and sold the Watertown assets to Park Outdoor Advertising.  Matthew Outdoor grew to over 2,000 displays consisting of 30-sheets and bulletins within the greater metropolitan New York, New Jersey, Connecticut region.  Additionally, Matthew Outdoor operated a 30-sheet and bulletin plant in the Pocono Mountain Region of Pennsylvania.  In two separate transactions, the Matthew Outdoor Advertising assets were sold to Universal Outdoor Advertising (now Clear Channel Outdoor) and Adams Outdoor Advertising. After the sale of the Matthew assets in North America, McAndrew organized, with partners, PanAmerican Outdoor Advertising.  PanAmerican is a billboard plant of 1,000 displays consisting of poster and bulletins in Panama City, The Republic of Panama.  McAndrew was a significant stakeholder in Unicom Outdoor Advertising, the largest billboard plant in the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania).  Unicom was successfully sold to JC Decaux. Currently, McAndrew is a stakeholder in and Director of AdVision completing the build out of the Bus Shelter advertising plant in Tucson, Arizona.  In March of 2004, along with his intrepid group of partners, McAndrew purchased TriState Media Group, changed the name of the company to Magic Media, Inc. and began a challenging turnaround effort.   Magic Media operates 10,565 displays consisting of 30-sheets and bulletins of a variety of sizes.  McAndrew during his tenure as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Magic Media, Inc. successful merged, Magic Media and Fairway Outdoor Advertising, a division of Morris Communications. Recently McAndrew has been appointed a Non-Executive Director of Continental Outdoor Media, one of the world's largest billboard companies.  Continental Outdoor Media operates 39,000 billboards in sub-Sahara Africa.  In total, on four continents, McAndrew has operated, managed and completed over 40 acquisitions or divestitures of billboard assets.


McAndrew is a member of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Board of Directors, a Trustee of the College of New Jersey and Gill St. Bernard's School and a member of the Policy Review Committee at Villanova University.


Jimmy enjoys skiing, racing Corvettes and yachting.